You don’t even know the meaning of….

Hey guys, how’s everyone doing? So today what I wanna talk to you guys about is the topic of LONG DISTANCE relationships. Okay so im not actually in a relationship right now but its like this unofficial thing with this guy who lives in Taiwan. We met last summer at this church camp thingy. But anyway lets cut to the chase, basically ever since starting this thing with this guy, ive realized how hard long distance can be but what annoys me is when other people complain about it just because they don’t see their girlfriend or boyfriend for about a month! My friend (who I do actually love to bits) has this thing with a guy and they had to go out on a date just because they wouldn’t see each for a month. A MONTH COME OOONN!! Try a month times TWELVE! And this guy who I am a little biased against was saying how he finds long distance hard sometimes. Err your girlfriend lives about four hours away and you see her every month or two. So I find it a tad okay not a tad, I find it quite annoying when I see people making it seem like theyre going to die just because they cant see their partner for like a month or so. I say, get over it… Kinda reminds me of a friend I used to have who was obsessed with his lawnmower and mowing the lawn, and while he was studying away from home he had to purposely travel 5 hours back home once a month just to mow his lawn!! how reduculous is that, talk about OTT!!!  Ok maybe that’s a bit extreme to compare them but you get the gist of why I’m a tad annoyed when people are like ohhhh i can’t live another day without seeing you again…..



Sushi Platter

Sushi Addict


Just wanted to do a random post on my favourite food of all time…. Okay to be honest my list of favourite foods is endless but sushi definitely stood out for me! Although it can be expensive, its all worth it. Sashimi has got to be my favourite. A huge chunk of raw fish. You don’t get much better than that! Okay, my description wasn’t exactly mouth watering but once you’ve tasted it you wont go back. Unless youre one of those people who are intolerant to raw foods then you literally wont go back. But I don’t eat sushi just because its got a label on it saying sushi. The stuff they sell in supermarkets should not be deemed as sushi! That stuff is gross. Its not fresh and the rice tastes frozen and overcooked. So if you haven’t tried sushi before, you definitely got to be willing to fork out a few pennies to taste the good stuff. And the best thing is you get endless different kinds of sushi. And if raw fish isn’t your thing, you get cooked stuff too. So why not give it a try? Sushi ftw!

You are what you eat…

So recently ever since being a student, I found that my long wishful dream finally came true and ever so effortlessly too…. I finally lost some weight! The figure for how much I weigh has never been the biggest issue for me but what has always bothered me is how fat my legs are. Im only 5 foot 1, come on!! So im short enough as it is, I don’t want stubby tree trunks legs too. But I do. So during the summer before I officially started uni I decided to try lose weight by doing squats daily and I even did morning runs for a while (doesn’t take a genius mathematician to calculate how long that lasted for). But to cut to the chase, basically it wasn’t having fast results so I gave up. But the minute I became a student, BHAM I lost weight instantly without even trying. Late nights and irregular or even missed meal times meant that I dropped down to 6 stones and 3 quarters after the first semester. SCORE!! Having said that, all the weight just came off my chest area and I found myself starting to have breathing problems and my legs looked a tiny bit thinner but all the fat as coming off my top half so that when I got changed everyday, you could see my ribs. Not so great afterall…. So since being back for Christmas ive been stuffing my face while I can and have put all the weight back on and yes that means I have thunder thighs again. So maybe im destined to have fat legs for life. Oh well, life still goes on!!

Happy Healthy New year

So we are well in to the new year and its the time when people are recovering from their hang overs and junk food binges and beginning their detox and fad diets.

I make a list of new year healthy food resolutions every year and this year is no different.

Here are mine for 2012:

1. Eat more fresh fruit and veg

2. Drink lots of Green Tea

3. Limit myself to fast food once a week

4. Cut down on Sugar

5. Cut down on Salt

I will be keeping everyone up to date with how I get on.  Do you have any new year health resolutions? I’d love to hear about yours.  leave me a comment! XD

Keeping Fit for the Right Reasons

Keeping fit has so many uses for a lot of people today. Most of these are common things to us, and as a matter of fact, they lead to better and healthy lives. Today the need to be fit has grown so much that you will never miss an advertisement or a signpost somewhere encouraging you to be part of some training schedule to keep fit. Though the cause is a noble one, you need to be aware of the frauds masquerading behind these advertisements. It is a good thing to keep fit, and actually we all should learn a thing or two about taking good care of our bodies. However, this does not in any way mean that we should sacrifice our logic for a few extra pounds of muscle. It is important to keep fit, but then again, the main question that you need to ask yourself is the reason or motive behind doing so.

There are a number of people that will rush to the nearest gym in a bid to get their bodies buffed up. Though this is a good thing, as your body might need it, the question of motive is a very important one. A good number go to the gyms for all the wrong reasons. As a matter of fact, there are so many people today that are members of a fitness center but are not entirely members for the sake of anything beneficial to their health. We have come across so many ladies and gentlemen who are members of health clubs and gyms just so that they can be closer to someone of the opposite sex, or even to stalk someone. If you are this kind of person, try hard as you may, you might not really get anything from keeping fit. This is because exercises require your mind to be in tandem with your body, while your mind is ever at large. If you are not a fan of health clubs and gyms, you could also consider a number game like badminton to keep you fit.

The role and Personality of the Client

Both the client and consultant may have different aspects of human behaviour in the way they use language, speech pattern, mannerism, the way in which they sit/stand, posture, facial expressions and the way in which they dress. Each trait defines the situation in a certain way and makes claims for themselves in the process. The combination of these traits makes for impression management.

Their personal behaviour is rooted in personality traits and plays a key role in the client consultant interactive processes.

Personality comes from their human behaviour. Each person has a personality trait so there is a probability that one might clash with another. However, these human problems can be understood and resolved in ways that motivate, energise and empower people making sure individuals and teams work more effectively in using their knowledge and experience. Through this, all other problems will be resolved or greatly facilitated.  This is linked into transfer of knowledge. Clients usually hire consultants to get a better understanding of views outside of the organisation as they are not stuck in the cultural perspectives of that firm. They could discover certain significant aspects of a problem unbeknown to them. A consultant must be in a position to make an unbiased assessment of any situation, to tell the truth and make impartial recommendations on what the client organisation needs to do. In certain cases, the consultant may or may not choose to take this advice and implement it into their organisation.