You are what you eat…

So recently ever since being a student, I found that my long wishful dream finally came true and ever so effortlessly too…. I finally lost some weight! The figure for how much I weigh has never been the biggest issue for me but what has always bothered me is how fat my legs are. Im only 5 foot 1, come on!! So im short enough as it is, I don’t want stubby tree trunks legs too. But I do. So during the summer before I officially started uni I decided to try lose weight by doing squats daily and I even did morning runs for a while (doesn’t take a genius mathematician to calculate how long that lasted for). But to cut to the chase, basically it wasn’t having fast results so I gave up. But the minute I became a student, BHAM I lost weight instantly without even trying. Late nights and irregular or even missed meal times meant that I dropped down to 6 stones and 3 quarters after the first semester. SCORE!! Having said that, all the weight just came off my chest area and I found myself starting to have breathing problems and my legs looked a tiny bit thinner but all the fat as coming off my top half so that when I got changed everyday, you could see my ribs. Not so great afterall…. So since being back for Christmas ive been stuffing my face while I can and have put all the weight back on and yes that means I have thunder thighs again. So maybe im destined to have fat legs for life. Oh well, life still goes on!!


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