You don’t even know the meaning of….

Hey guys, how’s everyone doing? So today what I wanna talk to you guys about is the topic of LONG DISTANCE relationships. Okay so im not actually in a relationship right now but its like this unofficial thing with this guy who lives in Taiwan. We met last summer at this church camp thingy. But anyway lets cut to the chase, basically ever since starting this thing with this guy, ive realized how hard long distance can be but what annoys me is when other people complain about it just because they don’t see their girlfriend or boyfriend for about a month! My friend (who I do actually love to bits) has this thing with a guy and they had to go out on a date just because they wouldn’t see each for a month. A MONTH COME OOONN!! Try a month times TWELVE! And this guy who I am a little biased against was saying how he finds long distance hard sometimes. Err your girlfriend lives about four hours away and you see her every month or two. So I find it a tad okay not a tad, I find it quite annoying when I see people making it seem like theyre going to die just because they cant see their partner for like a month or so. I say, get over it… Kinda reminds me of a friend I used to have who was obsessed with his lawnmower and mowing the lawn, and while he was studying away from home he had to purposely travel 5 hours back home once a month just to mow his lawn!! how reduculous is that, talk about OTT!!!  Ok maybe that’s a bit extreme to compare them but you get the gist of why I’m a tad annoyed when people are like ohhhh i can’t live another day without seeing you again…..


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