You are what you eat…

So recently ever since being a student, I found that my long wishful dream finally came true and ever so effortlessly too…. I finally lost some weight! The figure for how much I weigh has never been the biggest issue for me but what has always bothered me is how fat my legs are. Im only 5 foot 1, come on!! So im short enough as it is, I don’t want stubby tree trunks legs too. But I do. So during the summer before I officially started uni I decided to try lose weight by doing squats daily and I even did morning runs for a while (doesn’t take a genius mathematician to calculate how long that lasted for). But to cut to the chase, basically it wasn’t having fast results so I gave up. But the minute I became a student, BHAM I lost weight instantly without even trying. Late nights and irregular or even missed meal times meant that I dropped down to 6 stones and 3 quarters after the first semester. SCORE!! Having said that, all the weight just came off my chest area and I found myself starting to have breathing problems and my legs looked a tiny bit thinner but all the fat as coming off my top half so that when I got changed everyday, you could see my ribs. Not so great afterall…. So since being back for Christmas ive been stuffing my face while I can and have put all the weight back on and yes that means I have thunder thighs again. So maybe im destined to have fat legs for life. Oh well, life still goes on!!


Happy Healthy New year

So we are well in to the new year and its the time when people are recovering from their hang overs and junk food binges and beginning their detox and fad diets.

I make a list of new year healthy food resolutions every year and this year is no different.

Here are mine for 2012:

1. Eat more fresh fruit and veg

2. Drink lots of Green Tea

3. Limit myself to fast food once a week

4. Cut down on Sugar

5. Cut down on Salt

I will be keeping everyone up to date with how I get on.  Do you have any new year health resolutions? I’d love to hear about yours.  leave me a comment! XD